Visitors :


every visitor must come to the office before going inside the camping area.

Each client is responsible for the conduct of his visitors. A visitor – or the client receiving him – will have to pay the visitor tariff.

visitors hours:

from 9 am to 10 pm.

Opening hours of the office :
From the 3rd of july to the 18th of august : from 8a.m to 12.30am and from 2p.m to 7p.m. At other times: from 9a.m to 12.00a.m and from 3p.m to 6p.m.

Swimming-pool: (14m. x 7m.)
Open from mid-May to mid-September depending on the weather. Paddling pool for children (high season). Access to the swimming-pool allowed to campers only, forbidden to visitors. Swimming trunks are compulsory, large swimming boxers will not be accepted. Children are the responsibility of their parents, swimming-pools are not supervised.

Area of 600m² for game of bowls. Playground for children. Ping-pong tables...

A small grocery shop is available, bread and Viennese pastries to order at the office from the begining of May until the begining of September. Snack bar open in high season : ready-cooked dishes, ice-creams, drinks, etc….

Electric or gaz barbecues are acceptable on camping places.Noise:
Our camping “Les Clos” is a quiet camping site. We expect campers to respect their neighbors at any hour. From 10p.m camping places must all be quiet.

Campers have to drive slowly inside the camping site. Access is restricted to campers only (parking places for visitors are available outside the main gate). A magnetic key is provided to open the entrance gate between 7a.m and 10p.m. From 10p.m to 7a.m traffic is forbidden inside the camping site.

Emptying area for motor home

Sewage disposal:
A sewage disposal for chemical toilets is located near the toilet block (see map).

Refuse bins are located near the main entrance to the site.
Glass container at the camping entrance.

It is forbidden to attach any strings, ropes or anything else to trees and shrubs enclosing the camping places and to empty sewage on the ground or on shrubs.

We only accept animals with identification tattoo and vaccines certificate. Each animal must be kept on a lead and attached on the camping place. It is strictly forbidden to leave it alone on the camping place.


Camping Les Clos -1354 route de Gap - 26110 NYONS

tel 04 75 26 29 90 - fax 04 75 26 49 44

Email : info@campinglesclos.com